Summer Updates HMO tenants

Hope your all ok and staying safe.  2020 has been bizarre to say the least.

We are open and operating as usual.  Our team are still keeping everything going best they can given the current situation.

As things start to return to normal in the work place.  There are still areas which are proving difficult. Some of the team are still shielding themselves due to being vulnerable or living with people who are vulnerable.

Thank you to all our tenants who have been awesome through the whole pandemic keeping us updated on any changes, reporting maintenance etc.

Thank you to all our key workers who have kept going when we all stayed at home .

The updates are as follows

Maintenance : 

To report maintenance …please can you all email repairs to the main email .We receive a lot of booking enquiries through social media this is making maintenance problems get over looked.  When reporting maintenance.  Please let us know a brief description of the issue.  Access arrangements and contact details so we can organise the work asap.

Be mindful of the situation and that the team who are working are prioritising emergency repairs.

The maintenance team are still struggling to get some materials and parts for repairs so the time scales are longer then average.

Tenant Like Manner:

There are maintenance responsibilities under the terms of the AST which are your responsibility . As part of taking care of the place in a tenant like manner.  These would include

  • Unblocking sinks , drains and toilets
  • Changing light bulbs and fuses
  • Keeping internal and external windows clean
  • Bleeding radiators
  • Keeping pressure topped up on boiler
  • Making sure your smoke alarm carbon detectors work and replacing batteries
  • Keeping external areas and gardens tidy
  • Making sure the property does not suffer from condensation mould
  • Pest control and ensuring the property does not suffer from pests
  • Day to day maintenance ( non professional maintenance)

The best way to judge what is tenant maintenance or landlord would be to assess the maintenance.  If you owned the property or lived in a council property, what maintenance would you fix yourself and what maintenance you would call a professional in.  (We cover the  professional side)


Our cleaning teams are still not in operation. We had some temporary cleaners attend the properties to freshen up the communal areas in the meantime.  Our cleaning teams have advised today that they will be reviewing this on the 1st July 2020 . Please ensure all tenants keep the communal areas clean and tidy.  If you are in need of more cleaning products to do this , let us know and we will provide some whilst the cleaners are not in operation.
Rubbish :

If your spending more time at home then your probably dealing with more waste. Please ensure you keep on top of disposing rubbish at the properties . Keeping on top of recycling the items that can be recycled will reduce the amount of waste going into the main waste bin.  Keep kitchens, shared areas and yards clean and tidy and rubbish free.


Extra rubbish will attract pests.  Last summer we had a massive increase of pest problems in Sunderland.  Don’t make yourself a victim of this problem.  Please keep external areas tidy and free from rubbish. Dont store rubbish internally or leave fresh foods in kitchen areas etc.. Just be mindful of this

Any visits to treat pests or clear rubbish will be billed to the whole house.

We don’t care if you want to be the next snoop dog, we don’t tolerate drugs in the properties. Obviously for fire safety no smoking should be happening in the properties. Storing or even selling drugs is a serious breach of the tenancy and anyone guilty of this will be given their notice.   All of that aside it stinks and its not nice for others that live in the same residence.

Property Visits 

In the next few weeks we are starting to carry out property inspections of the houses- communal areas.  We will have a seperate process for room checks and more details on this will be emailed in due course.

Room of the week

En suite room in SR2 – walking distance to city centre & Sunderland Royal Hospital . Sharing with 6 other working professionals.  £85 per week all inclusive .  Keep more of your money to do what you want .

360 Tours available online

Property of the week

Two bedroom semi detached property in SR5- close to shops , retail parks and supermarkets
Unfurnished property . The property is a lovely home with garden . No bills included.  £500 PCM (long term let available)

As well as being an agent that provides all inclusive room lets and co living in the North East of England .  We also provide residential lettings .  Homes from apartments to 5 bedroom houses.  We have homes in Sunderland, Durham, South Shields and Newcastle.

Furnished and unfurnished

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