People from recent property courses (this is for you)

Since lock down we have seen the need for rooms increase dramatically.

We are working the best we can to accommodate all appointments as well as looking after our existing tenants.

Our diary times are reduced due to social distancing.

Imagine our HORROR , when we discover folk fresh out of property courses booking appointments to come and neb around our HMO properties

  1.  These people are stealing the appointments our customers need
  2. These people are being totally selfish
  3. These people are putting everyone  at un necessary risk (how many others are they going to see?, how much un-necessary contact have they had in a pandemic)
  4. These people obviously have not used their brain cells , when thinking about doing this during these times.
  5. These people have been poorly educated if they think this is a good thing to do !!


We know who you are ? we can spot you from a mile off and after a few clever questions, we will shame you and make you feel terrible .  So think again if your going to waste our time.