Investing in HMO Properties Sunderland

We can help you find your perfect HMO Property.

Who better to ask ?  the letting agent who has been letting HMO properties for a number of years.

Not only can we assist you to find the perfect place in an ideal location , we can assist with the following.

Refurbishment in line with current legislation

How to decorate and  furnish your accommodation for a hard wearing HMO still attractive and comfortable for tenants.

We have contractors for gas, electric , fire alarms . Suppliers for Fire fighting equipment

We work closely with the licensing department to get the property through certification

We can assist with marketing your HMO property

We offer a full management deal – we take full responsibility of the property , leaving  you to sit back and not have to worry about the stresses of tenants and legislation.

We also offer a tenant find service.  Its not easy filling a HMO house.  Each applicant has to go through the full referencing process, then have to be assessed on the current tenants living within the house already.

We have assisted many landlord who has came across problems with bad tenants.  One bad tenant can empty a full house.

Issues within HMOs need to be addressed swiftly .  All tenants need to be educated at the start and throughout to ensure smooth running HMO properties.

Fire safety is vital.  Weekly  testing of the alarm panels and ensuring the equipment is in order is another part of HMO properties often overlooked.