Managing HMO Properties – During COVID- 19

If you would have told me at the start of 2020 that this would be real life right now i would have laughed at you.  However its not and its very real !

We are currently in lock down – due to the corona Virus Covid -19 . Life has changed so much the last 3 weeks.

I have managed properties for many years and have dealt with a number of out of the usual scenarios but this  is a first for me .

So what has been happening with the management of the HMO properties across the North East.

Just before lock down a huge mail out went to all the tenants at the houses to advise of them of the risks and how to manage them.  Tenants were advised to keep us informed of any illness – self isolation so we could manage this and minimize the risk to staff – tenants .

We started to collate videos  of rooms – properties to ensure we could practice social distancing.

Maintenance is now running on emergency only and staff have PPE for this.

Only Vital Safety checks – still continue and managed with social distancing in mind.

Cleaning items have been delivered to tenants to ensure – while our cleaning teams are stood down they continue to keep clean for their own health

Tenants have been emailed every week with vital updates and links to services they may need-  Ie: employment , benefit and mental health support.

We have contacted tenants to discuss risks to their position and what help – services are available during this hard time.

Additionally we had a number of nurses- doctors living in another district – commuting on public transport to get to work.  We have moved these to accommodation closer to their work to help them during this difficult time.

We are working with all our tenants at the moment to ensure smooth running and reduce any anxiety our tenants are feeling at this time